How is a zero carbon house related to climate change?

It was our intention to build a house consistent with the future we think is coming: that of radically reduced fossil fuel use. We don't believe personal measures to reduce one's "carbon footprint" make much of a difference in worldwide energy use without systemic change. But we feel the need to "live in truth" in what can be a very dark time. We hope to provide a quirky demonstration of the future of urban life. One demonstration--because there are many ways to live sustainably.

The house itself is a triumph of efficiency, but there are other aspects of our "low-carbon lifestyle" that we like to be upfront about. We drive a hybrid car and keep total mileage under 10k/year. We bike, walk and take the T (metro) around the city. We buy only used stuff. Andrée does not fly. Vacations are camping-trips around New England (we like the White Mountains, coastal Maine and the Berkshires!) and other folks we like:

If climate change is a relatively new concept for you, we cannot urge you strongly enough to get acquainted with the organization You will find there the meaning of the 350 threshold--the safe amount of carbon dioxide that the atmosphere can hold, and how we have already well exceeded it. You'll learn the basic horrors of arctic melting, species extinction and crazy weather that climate change is bringing on. But with the truth-telling you'll also find a campaign of real hope and vision for change. Founder Bill McKibben, a science-writer who broke the story of climate change 25 years ago, is the leader of the global movement against climate change, and about as incorruptible a leader as you could find anywhere.

There are other great organizations doing the yeoman's work of combating climate change. Many of them are very small, very local. Here are a few that we frequently partner with, and always champion:

The Better Future Project (Boston)

Post Carbon Institute

Transition US (national)

JP New Economy Transition (local)

Climate change is scary and can awaken a lot of fear and despair. You will need company in order to confront it and stay present. We urge you to find your place and join the work!

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