JP Family SongFest  new dates added!

Singer Songwriters of the Seventies

Ken Ward & Peter Thornton                        Sunday March 22nd 5-7:00 pm

Special Earth Day Celebration        

Dean Stevens, Ginger Eliot & Ken Ward       Sunday  April 19th  5-7:00 pm

Songfests are held at 1st Church JP/UU               on Monument Squate


 Bourne Kids Bash & Build   restarts in March

Kids spending too much time in front of the tv or gaming? Send 'em to Bourne Kids Bash & Build Hour restarting in March (check back for which weekend). We'll run 'em ragged with our patented brand of child care, a proprietary recipe comprised of:

1/3 ignoring them entirely,                                1/3 smashing stuff we pull out of the trash to find out what's inside, and                             1/3 building stuff.

Stuff we built last year...        

potato cannon • ships • wooden swords • skull skateboard stencilcast aluminum robots

Stuff we might build this year...        

• bow & arrows • _____ game boards • kid powered Nintendo battery charger • "Funky Dory"

Simon & Andrée working on a boat (left) and Kuba shows off his Navy ship (right).


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