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"Three Five O" 

Fred Small's great anthem about climate, action and 350.

Words and Music by Fred Small
Spanish lyrics by Brian Amador
© 2009 Pine Barrens Music (BMI)



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01 350.mp3.mp3 01 350.mp3.mp3
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"Eve of Destruction (new millenium)"

Music by Phil Sloan
Lyrics by Ken Ward

JP House Band, Andrée Zaleska, backup vocal, mandolin & Ken Ward, guitars, mandolin, Garage Band.


EveDestruction 6.mp3 EveDestruction 6.mp3
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"The Hurricane That Had No Name"

(c) Ken Ward 2006 

Story of the 1938 hurricane that devasted New England and Long Island. All facts drawn from eyewitness accounts.

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