The former Jake's Store

The JP Green House is located at 133 Bourne Street in the Bourne neighborhood of Jamaica Plain/Roslindale, in Boston, Massachusetts, on a large triangular shaped lot. It was built in 1909 as a neighborhood store selling penny candy, groceries, fruits and vegetables and meat. Many older residents remember lining up outside the store after schoolto be let inside in groups of two to buy sweets, and the green wagonsof Jake's delivery boys were a familiar site. Jake's servedthe Bourne neighborhood until 1970,when it was converted into a single family home. The property was purchased by a developer in 2003, abandoned, and eventually repossessed by the mortgage holder.

Itsunique, "Flat Iron" building shape, dominant position at the corner ofBourne and Catherine Streets, extensive yard and large storefront makethe former "Jack's Corner Store" an interesting architectural space anda perfect site for a demonstration model home.

Google Sattelite view of JP Green House

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